Blog 17

After Professor Abidi told me that I can change my topic for the essay compositions and make them into a research paper, it really has made my composition 1 much easier to revise. Now, for composition 1 I am just going to make a research paper on poverty or economic inequality, which is still relating […]

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Blog 16

Well working on composition 2 isn’t too hard. I have to restart the whole flyer and work on it in photoshop. I really don’t have a problem with it or mind doing it because I have to think creatively or outside the box with the multimodal compositions. So composition 2 won’t be a problem. Now […]

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Blog 15

Well for composition 2 I am not considering to change the medium. What I want to do for composition 2 is keep the flyer as the medium but try to change the whole feel of the flyer. It looked somewhat boring and bland even though it shouldn’t be too exciting but I think I can […]

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Blog 14

I don’t have the exact two compositions I am considering revising but I do want to revise composition 2. The reason I want to revise composition 2 is because I feel like that now since I have photoshop on my laptop I can probably make a better flyer which was the medium for my composition […]

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Blog 13

For this composition I’m trying to find some quotes, stats, and facts about my topic(Negative human impact on Earth). I don’t have too much old research that I’m throwing out or changing because I try to choose the best information or i get picky on what research to use. So, I didn’t have much research […]

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Blog 12

Pretty much I’m not making any real major shift. The only shift I am making would be going from the creative billboard composition and then transforming it into a written formed composition. My argument (We should treat and take care of Earth and if we don’t then Earth won’t be habitable to us humans anymore) […]

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Blog 11

Professor Abidi had helped me construct my claim when the class workshopped my composition 3. The claim that she helped me construct was, We should treat and take care of Earth and if we don’t then Earth won’t be habitable to us humans anymore. Well I don’t want to seclude any groups in the audience […]

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